A Letter from our Chairman

During the past year, we have been working to set the foundation of 1More. During this time, March 21-29, I had the distinct privilege of traveling with a dynamic group of individuals to Znamenka, Ukraine.

This trip was to serve two purposes. The first, and foremost, was to share God with those we would meet. Secondly, was to observe and investigate the needs of our host while in Ukraine. You see, our hosts were a group of Ukrainian orphans ranging from 4 years of age up to 17 years of age.

The intent of the trip was to spend this time with these children during their spring break. Often times, when we go on a mission trip we find that we learn more about ourselves than we can ever fathom. This trip was no different. While I have been on previous mission trips internationally and in the United States, it was always to witness to adults. Being that this trip was with children, I was not sure what to expect. However, God showed me immediately why He wanted me there in Ukraine to meet these wonderful children.

What I found though, is nothing more than the love of God. As I spent time with the children, I found pure love, the love of God, flowing through each one of these precious children. Their innocent smiles on their bright faces makes one realize that nothing on this earth is more precious. As I spent time with the children, I could not help but think how they came to be orphans. Each of them has their own stories. Their earthly mother and father may have abandoned some. What our team wanted to ensure the children knew, was that while their earthy father may have abandoned them, our team was able to share that our heavenly Father will never leave them or forsakes them.

For an entire week, we were able to interact with the children with lessons, outside activities, arts and crafts, and even eating meals with them. The lessons we did were English classes. As we taught them English, they taught us the Ukrainian language. Like most European countries, the children loved to play soccer. Our first day there they asked us to play. Little did I realize how much they took the game seriously? I was thinking just kicking the soccer ball around. These young men played an entire field and were very aggressive at it. During our times at dinner, they would engage us and teach us the Ukrainian words for the various foods. They were very enthusiastic when it came time for arts and crafts.

As I looked on during these times, watching the excitement in their faces and the happiness the children displayed around us, I came to realize this is the reason why we have created 1More. We are an organization who wants to meet those basic needs of the children, and sometimes the basic needs is not material possessions such as clothes, but that of a helping hand and kind smile.

The time we give to a child, making them our primary focus is a need that each child desire. So I encourage who ever reads this, please consider helping support this cause so we are able to share the love of God with all children locally and internationally.


Wayne Butler